Join us on this journey to become the next vampire. Follow us on social media to learn more about this play-to-earn game.

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Your Vampire Is Waiting

You just need one vampire to hunt creatures, mortals and start earningBlood



Get vampires with unique characteristics and go on a hunt in search of their prey to collect theirBlood



Complete quests to evolve your vampire and earn rewards



Buy and sell stuff to other players to make a profit in our marketplace

Play To Earn

Manage vampires, hunt creatures and mortals in various different locations and get Blood

Vitae Token


Multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in web and game development

Sidney Oliveira

Sidney Oliveira

Helena Marques

Helena Marques

Lead Community
Weslley Gomes

Weslley Gomes

Lead Artist
Gabriel Pincelli

Gabriel Pincelli

Lead Designer
Lucas Souza

Lucas Souza

Lead Developer


Our goal is to make everything as clear as possible to the players know where we are going

Prelude - Q1
  • Game idea development

  • Game's economy development

  • Basis development (Coffins, Vampires and Hunting)

  • Launch Website

  • Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram and social media launch

  • Marketing Launch & Airdrop

The Awakening - Q2
  • Game Alpha Version

  • Mystery Coffin Presale

  • Token Audit & KYC

  • Seed Token Presale

  • Game Closed Alpha Version for Presale Buyers

  • Game Public Beta Version

  • Private Token Sale

  • VITAE Token IDO Launch

  • Game Launch (Coffins, Vampires and Hunting)

The Hunt Begins - Q3
  • Arena

  • Marketplace

  • Vampirism

The Preparation - Q4
  • Quests

  • Professions

  • Items

Hello! I'm Helena and I'll show you how to hunt like a real vampire. Are you ready for this?